Thursday, December 25, 2008

Overwhelmed by Nature

Sometimes, you just need a trip into nature's beautiful garden to realize that the world isn't so depressing after all...Pics from a family trip to Pachmarhi...

Rock Formation at Jatashankar

Pachamarhi Lake

Panchali Kund

Apsara Falls

Some More Pics

At Reech Caves
(Reech is Hindi for Bear)

Bee Falls

Bee Falls Part Deux...

Bee Falls Again...

Reech Caves Pic Deux

And Some More Pics...The Last Lot

Denva River Flowing Through a Valley

Just a Forest...A Common Sight

The Satpuras as seen from Mahadeo

A Tree Finds some Nook to Take Root at Mahadeo

Lots of Caves - Mahadeo