Thursday, January 1, 2009


This weird-shit custom of celebrating the "new year" has always bewildered me. I mean, do people really need an opportunity to celebrate "a day" and get sloshed while enjoying the same? But then again, that is just me being cynical...

Here are some of the things that may happen in the new year -
  • Chances of some new scandal/ weird once in a college lifetime incident hitting the BITSian headlines while the 2006 batch remains in the 3rd year - Very high
  • Probability of attending more than half of my classes at college - Zero
  • Likelihood of getting a job offer - High, especially since it's going to be the placement season come August and BITS Pilani does offer highly saleable degrees
  • Likelihood of the disappearance of my new-found optimism - Quite High, I am calling upon historical occurrences to reach a conclusion here :P
  • Probability of feeding and sustaining my own cynicism and narcissism - Doesn't this post answer that for itself? ;)